Sunday, 2 October 2016

Back to the Vikings

Our last game was a repeat of the practice game from my own blog ( Rebel Barracks), so I wont bother with repeating the story.

Slightly different looking table and a rearrangement of the troops along with a few more and we were away.

The raiders heading home.

This time though their escape route is blocked.

With a large group in front another warband appears on the right flank.

then even more enemy come out of the trees on the left flank.

With not many options the raiders go straight at the enemy in front of them.


By the end the raiders are almost surrounded and are unable to breakout. The tables have been turn from the previous game.

28mm figures from several collections.
Lion Rampant rules .

Monday, 19 September 2016

SYW battle of Wilhelmsthal.

A while ago we got together for a Seven Years War game.( About a month ago!)

The game is based on the battle of Wilhelmsthal 1762.

The French are occupying some low hills with the allies advancing against them.

 The bulk of the allies begin to appear in front of the French left.
 The French quickly send in some cavalry to cover their extreme left.

 On the French right more allies appear through the woods.
 The French centre is not threatened, for now.
 Just as the French left begins to come under control.........
 ...........more allied troops appear in the French left rear!
 The French desperately try to deal with the enemy to front before turning to face the troops in their rear.
 The French centre turns to aid the French left.
 Slowly the French are forced back towards the centre of their line.
 The allies start breaking through the French lines.
 Over on the French right the allies try another assault. Their first attempt was turned back.
 With  pressure on both their flanks the French were in trouble.
In the end a near run thing. I am not sure now, but I think the French conceded.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

English Civil War in 15mm

Over the past month or so some of the group have played a couple of games using our 15mm ECW figures. The rules used are Armati and the figures are from various manufacturers.

Nothing too flash in the games, line them up and go forward hoping that the dice gods are on your side. I believe a few sacrificial chickens helps with that!

Here is a mix of photos from both games.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

AWI using Rank and File

Last weeks game for the gang was set during the American Revolution.

The scenario idea was based on the battle of Brandywine.

The Americans were defending along a river and were attacked from the opposite side but also attacked in their flank.

 The Americans could setup anywhere along their side of the river.
 The game began with the arrival of the first British brigade. 
 The first brigade started putting the pressure on the American lines.
 The second brigade of red coats arrived on the flank of the Americans. The Americans were forced to turn some of their troops to meet the threat .

 On the American left both sides were happy to trade shots across the river.
 By now the third British brigade had arrived and was moving down between the second brigade and the river.
 The pressure was mounting for the Americans.
 Down at the American left casualties were mounting on both sides of the river, but
 at the other end it was all on! Repeated charges from the British were slowly pushing back the Americans but they were making a good fight of it. Some excellent shooting from the defenders was making life difficult for the British.
 Although far from being destroyed the American army needed to protect Philadelphia and so were now being forced to withdraw in front of the advancing British.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Somewhere in Vietnam

A recent game with the gang that was set in Vietnam.

 American choppers, patrolling near the border spot some North Vietnamese around some patches of jungle.

 Groups of American and South Vietnamese troops are sent in to sort out the North Vietnamese.
 Some of the locals abandoned their fields and headed for cover.

 The American group was hit hard by the majority of the North Vietnamese troops.
 Although suffering heavy casualties the Americans eventually subdued the North Vietnamese.
 A recon chopper helped direct fire from the artillery on the North Vietnamese positions.

 The South Vietnamese troops had a much easier time finding little resistance in the village.
 More choppers came in to drop off more troops, but the machine guns of the choppers were enough for all resistance to melt away.
 With the Americans now moving again and the choppers controlling from the skies the North Vietnamese troops pulled out of the area.

As there were no chopper casualties we didn't get to use Adrian's lovely damaged chopper.

After the game I set up a wee scene and clicked away.

Thanks to Adrian for supplying almost everything and for running the game.