Sunday, 12 February 2017

Almost like Hastings

The group's first game for the year was a 28mm Dark Age Hail Caesar game.

In this game the Vikings have joined forces with the Saxons in an attempt to repel the Norman invaders.

At the start. Vikings and then Saxons on the ridge. Normans on the flat.

Part of the Saxon line.

The masses of Norman cavalry charge up the hill into the waiting Saxons.

The Saxon line is pushed back.

Norman Command.

The Viking Command.

The Norman foot wait for the Vikings to come off the ridge.

The Norman cavalry was concentrated on the Saxon right flank.

The Vikings and the unengaged Saxons move off the ridge and take the battle to Normans below.

The fight continues right along the line.

Slowly the Norman foot units are forced back but at the other end of the battle the Saxons are being pushed off the ridge by all that Norman cavalry.

In the end the Norman cavalry were too strong for the Saxons and Vikings and so this "Hastings like" battle also went the way of the Normans.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The wagon of gold.

Back to Napoleonics for the group in this game.

The Russian army is in retreat and for this part of the Russian army their job is to guard the pay wagon full of gold and escort it to safety.

The French allies, Bavarians, Italians and Poles have been ordered to capture the wagon.

Bavarian brigade moving forward.

A massed battery of Russian guns ready for the attack.

Russian troops move up in support.

Russian infantry march between the gold filled wagon and the Bavarian cavalry.

The Russian cavalry were caught out at the wrong end of the field. They are now racing to the other end to help out.

Russians form square as the Bavarian cavalry prepare to charge.

At the other end the Bavarian infantry advance on the Russians.

In the centre the allies advance in the face of the guns.

Contact on the Russian left flank.

The big push by the allies through the centre.

The battery is now in danger of being over run.

At the other end the cavalry are still fighting it out .

The Bavarian artillery lend their support from the safety of the woods.

The Russian guns have fled leaving a gaping hole for the allies to pour through and take the wagon.
The rules for this game were General de Brigade and all the figures were from Chris's collection.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Williamite war at Conquest 2016

Last Saturday some of the lads put on a demo game at this years Conquest wargaming event. Each year we try to put on something different for our demo games and this year it was a game from the Williamite war.

There were some lovely painted units involved in this game, so much so that I spent more time taking photos of units rather than the game itself. I'm not too sure about who is who so I am not going to attempt a report. Except to say that there was attacks on the flanks between various mounted units after which the infantry moved forward to finish things off.

The figures are from the collections of David, Wayne and Geoff. All Front Rank figures too, I think.
David also hand painted the flags for his units.

Rules used were slightly modified Rank and File rules.